Friday, February 26

l&l moments

when my kids are sound asleep i miss moments like THIS...when they can't get enough of me and i can't get enough of them!

as you can see is very unintersted in taking pictures...she is currently walking EVERYWHERE... exploring EVERYTHING. although I miss her baby-"ness" it's SOOO fun to watch her reaction to new things and just watching her PLAY. she's got quite a bit of a shy-bug, so much that sometimes we can't even tell she's there...but get in her way and she will let it be known. (plus, we bought her these squeaky shoes for her bday so we never lose her!) she points to her nose, calls for her daddy, loves to be read to, and walks straight to the bathroom whenever i say "shower". she's fallen on her head so much, it's reassuring when i realize she's smarter than i think. she's so smart she figured out how to make grandpa buy us a new toilet by throwing a toy acorn in there. good lookin out baby! i can't be gone from her too long cause i miss her right away. i love my little partner!
as you might tell has been posing for the camera since day one. she is currently learning to READ and LOOVES to play. when she's not playing, she is just writing and drawing. gone are the days when we would camp on disney channel! thank goodness! i find her singing all the time, not just songs from school, church, or the radio, but MADE-UP ones too. her voice has much potential! she likes to have fun, has tons of friends yet she has no problem telling people what to a good way. her teacher described her as the "peacemaker"...sort of the mother of the whole bunch. (must've been all that training she got from home). but she is smart and keen on all of my emotions so i need to be a little more careful about what i say to her. i love her so much...if anyone can put me in check, IT'S HER!

tonight while lole was sleeping, laila kept trying to wake her up, and when she finally succeeded...they laid cheek to cheek and gave each other a big hug!