Thursday, March 15

Lole's 7th Bday

Lole's bday started off with...SCHOOL, lol since it was the middle of the week. Daddy gave her one of her presents from us the night before, and then while at school, we brought cupcakes and a bouquet of balloons to her class during lunch hour. Later, we got last minute things ready for her party and I spent 2 hours frosting what was supposed to be a ROLLER SKATE. But, since I didn't have room on the plywood for the wheels, I settled with her first initial. Something inside me forgets that my kids are just kids, and that a piece of cake, ice cream, and a few presents would probably suffice. However, we went from "simple" to excessive in a matter of days while planning for Lole's birthday party, because we found out that our venue, Classic Fun Center--a convenient 2 mins away from our home--ALSO has a Karaoke room and a big screen TV for Xbox Kinnect. Because it was the middle of the week, we were the only big group there, so it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. We decided that instead of traditional goody bags for the kids, we'd make t-shirts that the kids could have to remember her party. Then, we realized how cute they were and that the adults would want some shirts too. We passed out glow bracelets and had hair color spray for those who wanted it, and we bought a few pairs of colored glasses and gloves to match the bright colors. We ended up with about 10 pizzas, unlimited drinks (to accompany the unlimited activities: skating, bouncing, karaoke, dance central, arcade games and huge jumpers), cream cheese/walnut brownies, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and a tie dye vanilla cake in the shape of a big "L". Kids had a great time, but I think the adults had equally as much fun. Lole got some outfits, 3 new pairs of shoes, a 72 hour kit (lol @ Mom), some coloring stuff, money, and candy (of course), but I hope that what she remembers more than what she "got" is the fact that we tried to make her feel special and loved on her birthday, and that each year of life causes for celebration. What can I say? WE LIKE TO P A R T Y!

Thursday, March 1

JBoog 2/27

got to go to a concert this past monday (yah, who has concerts on mondays, i KNOW)! i rode with my cousin all the way to salt lake IN THE SNOW, so i fell asleep to ease my anxiety (lol). by the time we got there, all the opening bands were just about done, and it was time for JBOOG. the last time i saw him perform was when he first came out years ago, opening for a Fiji concert in hawaii...back then he was just an opening act, so it was nice to see him (big time and famous now) headlining. (<---love my new shirt by the way) it was such a good concert and he sang ALL his good ones AND some, even letting kiwini and siaosi do solos. then, we went to the "after party" at club hotel elevate, just down the street...and he gave a few more songs to the crowd before stepping out. it was cool too because the house dj played a mix of new and 80s/90s songs, so you know i was all over that! my cousin tilly, jess, and maafu are great company and we were probably the only sober ones at the club. (note: i did, however, grab a glass of water and was raising it in the air like all the alcoholics, just for fun!) as the performers were leaving, i went outside to say hi to siaosi (we had kicked it with him before in hawaii) and jboog was standing outside talking to a kid i know from kahuku, so i just asked him for a pic and he was really nice about it. i told him "you gave a great concert" but the way i said it was like i was congratulating my kid on a good soccer game. lol. good times.