Wednesday, August 19


This past Sunday we took the kids to the Kanoehe Marine Core Base for their annual BAYFEST. We had so much fun as this was the only real family activity we've done all summer! It was the last day of the 3 day festivities and thankfully there wasn't such a huge crowd. Black Eyed Peas had a concert there the night before and there were over 20,000 in attendance, so we were glad to have gone on the last day. Entrance was only $5 (which included all the entertainment) ride wrist bands only $15, and food EVERYWHERE. The first thing we did was eat--shimp scampi, pizza, and huli huli chicken for the 3 of us--but me and Laila were in heaven eating the mini donuts and funnel cake. We got to go on like an hour boat ride to (a very small) Coconut Island, where the UH Manoa Marine Biology Dept conducts research. It wasn't that interesting but it kept us cool and my husband and daughters got to ride a boat for the first time. There were even a few dolphins held there, which made Lole sad because they were in cages.

Lole went on her very first carnival rides; the ferris wheel, crazy plane, slide, bumper cars, and the elevator one (don't remember the name of the one where you sit down and the ride goes up and down like an elevator). It was so much fun watching her brave the rides. She then got really antsy when we sat down to wait for Fiji and Lost Coast Sound (Laga, Kiwini and Siaosi) so I had to go and get her glow toys. By the time that was over, my feet were killing, it was almost 9 and the kids were ready to go, so we left before Katchafire and the fireworks. Lole is still raving about the fun she had that day and can't wait to go to the next carnival.

Lole sliding all by herself

The only ride Laila was on

Fiji's performance (highlight of the entertainment)


Tuesday, August 18


Iwa posted this video on Facebook one day of "Rose Park's Drill Team" performing at the Utah Samoan Flag Day this summer and we have been watching it ever since! I've seen their African Queen routine and this one tops it, esp because of those tiny little shorts. Too funny!

Thursday, August 6

Lole's First Day of Preschool

This day has been long-awaited, and I have many mixed feelings. Lole has been my constant companion for four years...and I cannot say that I don't miss her dearly, nor can I deny a sense of longing for my girl who is growing up WAY...TOO...FAST! This morning, I woke her up to get ready and immediately she began to whimper (as in recent days leading up to this one, when the subject of her going to school came up). We showered together and I put on her clothes that I had ironed early this morning. I offered breakfast but she didn't want anything to eat, and we were off to 7-11 to buy her lunch. I was supposed to make her homemade musubis but someone ate the last can of spam, so I was dissappointed that her first school lunch was all storebought. Oh well! When we got to school, she kept saying that she didn't want to go, and I just wanted to cave and tell her I didn't want her to go too! Then, when she saw another kid crying as his dad left, she started to cry again! It was so hard to watch her cry, but I had to assure her that she'd be fine and that she would have a great time. Leaving her was tricky, so I walked around the classroom for a little bit, showing her all the cool toys and activities, the bathroom, the teachers, etc. As soon as one of the aids had her attention, I knew I had to make my escape.

Spending the morning with just my 6 month old was bittersweet. On the one hand, Laila has my full attention for a few hours a day, on the other, Lole is terribly missed. I have no one to keep a quick eye on Laila while I run to the restroom, kitchen, or laundry. I will miss our arguments/conversations and while I probably won't miss hearing Disney channel all day, I'll miss the noise and her constant entertainment! It's almost her school lunch time, so I'm wishing I were there to watch her take her first bite, make and play with new friends and learn something new. When her dad called to see how everything went, I started crying like a baby! Lol. Luckily her school is right down the road, like a 2 min drive from here, because I cannot wait to pick her up!

So glad her best friend and cousin is in her class!!!

Sunday, August 2

Eddie Boy

On Jul 13th, my classmate and brutha (by way of my sister marrying his older brother, and me marrying his cousin) Eddie aka "Chump" was hit by a car right across my house on our only highway. It happened at night (on a very lively, busy one at that) and apparently, neither he, nor the driver saw each other while he was crossing the road. I have never witnessed anything like it, from the sounds of the car crashing into his body (as if it were two cars colliding), to the dead silence as he lay there, practically lifeless, with so many people watching. Kakela Beach Park was filled with people attending the Fonoimoana Reunion camp, which is directly across my house where some of my husband's friends and cousins (including Eddie) were kicking it after a rugby tourney. He was hit at full speed, (meaning the car did not brake until after he was hit) so his injuries were quite serious.

Upon arriving to the hospital, Eddie's condition was critical. Doctors said that his lungs had collapsed, his ankles and hip were broken, his spleen and liver were injured and worst of all, he had bleeding in the brain. We went the very next morning to Queens to visit, and he was still undergoing tests and scans and very heavily sedated, with tubes and wires protruding from his body. By then, the bleeding in his brain had stopped, but there was still swelling, and no one knew what his condition would be once the pain meds wore off. After about 2 weeks in ICU, he is finally free of his feeding/breathing tubes, and currently out of ICU. He is able to talk and understand what you say, but his dialogging can get a bit random--his sister calls it mumbling--so it made me a little sad to not be able to crack jokes with him like usual. Plus, he's lost so much weight...but even with that said, he is making GREAT progress considering the trauma his body has gone through. As it turns out, not even one surgery is needed, though doctors were pretty sure they'd at least have to operate on the hip and possibly the brain. Upon visiting him today after not seeing him for over a week, he recognized Bo and I right away, so we were so happy! His dreads are still in tact (though he did mention that he needed to cut them) and he had us cracking up because he kept telling Bo to get ready so they can go cause he needs to get outta there!! He even made swimming/fishing comments (some of his fav pastimes), played thumb games with his nephew Moses, and told Laila that she was fat. haha.

Eddie is very close to me and Bo and he is always there for us whenever we ask anything of him. Our prayer is that he continues to improve through physical rehabilitation, and the continued support and understanding from loved ones. His big sister Dawn has been Eddie's rock through it all, and I believe that his smooth recovery has a lot to do with her spiritual strength and optimism. Tonight as I was beginning to complain and HATE the world because I'm so sick of coughing, my neck/back pains, headache and menstrual cramps, the image of Eddie chatting it up with us from a hospital bed, quickly humbled me. In many ways, I am so DEAD, but today's visit has made me realize I need to really work on being more ALIVE, in my thoughts, in my actions, and in my outlook on everything. Wishing "Eddie Boy" (as my husband calls him) a speedy recovery!!!

Eddie's sister Dawn, Laila, Bo and "Chump"