Monday, November 23


So, while I was in Utah recently, I finally watched TWILIGHT and to my surprise, I didn't HATE it. I probably would have if I'd seen it last year when it first came out and I'd read the books already, but I waited to watch it right before NEW MOON came out, since I heard terrible things about TWILIGHT.

What can I say, but I LOVED NEW MOON. I didn't do the midnight showing, but I saw the very next one @ 11am in Laie. (Lucky thing we bought tickets the night before because it was Furlough Friday and all the teens were there.) I was so excited to see it since the reviews from the midnight showing all said positive things. I know that Kristen Stewart is not the best Bella, but I soo love her "look" for the part. Her acting and Robert Pattinson's (Edward) face leave something to be desired, but I don't care, because Taylor Lautner played a greeeeeeeeat Jacob. (Yeeeeow, almost made me switch teams!) I felt like a teeniebopper watching this movie, loving everytime I saw a brown, bare naked, muscular, body, LOL! I can't wait for the next one, only 200 something days away. I really hope that the entire cast sticks around for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, I thought they were all good, esp. Charlie and the entire Cullen family, even down to Bella's high school crowd. I just might re-read the entire series again during the Christmas break. In the meantime, I'm going back to watch New Moon again with the girls, 'cause Bo just couldn't stand Bella. I, on the other hand, really liked her in this one, and cried when she was shown screaming/crying in bed when Edward was gone. Somehow, I could relate to the pain.

Sunday, November 22

"Always remember, my HA is within you FOREVER!"

This past Tuesday, my little family and I went with Lina to watch HA: The Breath of Life (PCC's new night show) for the first time. It was an awesome show, especially since our friend Ricky--who plays the main character, "Mana"--does such a superb job, so much so that my friends and I decided, TEAM RICKY is where it's at! Lol. I went with Lina and Tati again last night, and it just gets better, because we got to see 2 new people play Mana's mom and girlfriend. HA has a great story line and is so entertaining from beginning to end. I love the dancing, the props, the acting, everything...the music I am still taking time to get used to, but only because the music from the previous show HORIZONS is ingrained in all of us who grew up with it.

One of my favorite scenes is where the main character "Mana" grows from a boy to a man, and then proceeds to lead the dancers in the HAKA. (Wish I recorded that part, maybe next time!) Ricky is an awesome performer, because he seems to give it his all and nothing less...I really hope PCC pays him a lot of money, it would be a shame if they didn't.

Here is a clip from one of my favorite sections. Featured are Terina Oto as "Lani" and Ricky Suaava as "Mana."

Sunday, November 15

In the meantime...

So much to catch up the meantime I watched an episode of Cold Case on a recent Delta flight and really liked this episode (Season 6 Ep. 8) about a Russian opera prodigy who was murdered before her vocal dreams were realized.

Cold Case has such great stories and always feature awesome music. The closing song was Cindy Lauper's "True Colors" and it made me fall in love with the words, so I think it was one of my FB headlines this week. Lol. Anyway, until next time...