Tuesday, March 31


We took Laila in for her shots and 2 mo. checkup today. She was weighed twice because the doctor didn't believe the number the nurse wrote down the first time. And since we had to take off her clothes twice to do so, she peed both times on 2 different scales. Lol. Doc says she's too heavy for her height (ie. short & fat). I pump breast milk almost exclusively and so that may be why her weight is off because she isn't burning enough calories through nursing. Pumping is hard work because of the extra time it takes me to wash/sterilize my "gear" and because I do it regularly even when she's still sleeping. But it reassures me that she's getting enough milk, and is easier on the "girls" because she had such a poor latch. Still, I'm thinking I should start making her work harder for her food from now on. Her current stats: Weight: 15 lbs. 5 oz., Height: 23.5".

Laila is a wonderful baby. She smiles all the time and is beginning to talk ("coo") more often. She likes to suck on her fists and has the cutest puppy-dog eyes. The poor babe is gassy all the time, so I always tease her that she's making popcorn in her diaper! Haha. Her lashes are growing thicker but her hair is still struggling behind, much like Lole's was. She loves to look at and listen to her big sister talk/sing and she has these fat cheeks we just want to bite off. She is such a joy!

Monday, March 30

Am. Samoa Quarter

My 4yr old took the longest LATE NAP ever (I think she got up at 10pm)! Consequently, we are up watching Disney Channel at 3am and getting on each other's nerves. While surfing other blogs, I found this, the AMERICAN SAMOA quarter scheduled to be released in July '09. Isn't it prettyful? Read more about it here.

Thursday, March 26

Waimea Falls

My sister and I brought our kids back to Waimea Falls for a Spring Break activity because 1)it's close by and 2)it's affordable (Kama'aina: $6 adults, $3 children 4+up). The last time we came here in October, I was 6 mos. pregnant, it was bloody hot and I was very "exercise-deprived." This time around the weather was much cooler, baby rode on a stroller (not my pelvis) and yet, I still had a little trouble catching my breath! Oh well! Luckily, the "hike" (scenic walk with occassional, short climbs) was much easier than I remembered. We rested midway on a nice picnic bench, enjoying sandwiches, chips, musubis, pake cake, crackers and spicy edamame beans (yum) and then ate french fries and Acai bowls after the cold swim. Because we had baby, we took extra long for diapering, a pump session, and of course feeding Laila, so the kids had more time to enjoy the peacocks littering the front entrance. Gosh, those birds are annoyingly LOUD, but pretty. This was the longest Laila had been outdoors, so I was worried about all the passing showers we had to endure. But I was glad she got a little sun by the water and that we all enjoyed some nice fresh air. It was such a relaxing day.

Wednesday, March 25

Sister Malupo

I have been postponing this blog, even thought of not doing it at all for privacy's sake, but I'd feel ungrateful if I didn't express my feelings of love and gratitude for my sister-in-law.

Late December, we got a call from Bo's little sister Fehi, whom at the time was 5 mos. into her mission in Indiana. After ignoring the unknown number on my cell (sorry sis, I don't DO strange numbers) we finally talked to her on the house phone. The shock of our missionary even calling period (a privilege allowed only under special circumstances) confirmed my in-laws' worries about a previous call 2 weeks prior, notifying them of her trip to the ER due to fatigue and excessive/prolonged bleeding during a very abnormal menstrual cycle. With tears in her eyes, my mother-in-law uttered the word "cancer" and all I could think about was how swiftly one can be taken by its oft times undetected grip.

However, when I spoke to Sister Malupo that day, her voice was not sad, despite being told her blood clots were tested and possibly cancerous and that she needed to come home right away. I broke down and asked all the whats, wheres, hows, and whys, but she reassured us that we needn't worry, for this was just another trial for her. She calmed me down instantly because her spirits were high (like most missionaries), her attitude upbeat, and her faith unwavering. She even made me laugh with her corny "I'm just rollin' with my homie Jesus Christ" line. Secretly, I was so stoked that she was coming home, but under the circumstances, I was trying to be positive for her and sensitive to what she was going to have to endure!

She arrived in Hawaii just before New Years and saw a specialist a few days later. After more testing, it was confirmed that she did indeed have Uterine Cancer, which for her meant a hysterectomy, and sadly, the loss of her ability to bear children. {Ugh, I know. She's only 22!} The doctor asked if she wanted to have children now, and if so, she could before proceeding with the operation. But being in her very "nun-like" position, this was a silly question. She told him, "Go ahead and take it out, I have to go back to my mission!" Her positive attitude and smiles shocked the doctor--who got a pass-a-long card from her mind you--and even though he called her "weird" he was happy she took the news like a champ. He gave her an estimation of about March-ish, for her to be able to return back to Indiana.

After undergoing a successful surgery the 20th of Jan., she spent the next couple weeks healing with a lot of rental movies and late nights on the couch with friends. She'd only been on recovery for a week before I gave birth to Laila, and yet she mustered the strength to visit us at Queens. About a month later she was back to normal and enjoying life again; playing with my kids, visiting friends, attending church & firesides, and even making YOUTUBE videos of her dancing Polynesian numbers as a favor to her friend. After getting confirmation from the doctor that the cancer went with her uterus, she was cleared to return to her mission. Three days ago, SHE called the Mission President (anxious much?) only to find out that they were already making preparations for her and that she would leave...today. And so she did.

Sister Malupo left just as abruptly as she came home, and I'm sitting here questioning where the time had gone? We didn't have a big farewell of sorts, in fact my husband and his older sister didn't even get to say goodbye. I think deep down inside, no one really wanted her to leave. Seeing Lole run and hug her with tears streaming down her face was the saddest thing I have witnessed in a while, because they'd become so close. Even I have found it difficult today to hold back the tears because of what it meant for me to have her here, especially after giving birth.

Without her even knowing it, she has shared and often carried my burdens; when I was an emotional wreck returning home from the hospital, when I was too scared to drive with my newborn in the backseat alone, when I was upset at Bo because he was still drinking, when I needed someone to keep Lole company while I tended to baby, or when I just needed a few minutes to myself to regroup. I mean, more than just a convenient second hand, having Fehi here was a comfort that I'm going to miss dearly. Being able to say "Can you go to the store for me", or "Do you mind driving us to our appt. in Kailua" or "Can you watch the kids while I take a hot shower?" was such a complete load off my shoulders, because every bit of help (as a mother to a newborn again) was needed. I felt so "not alone" with her around, and I especially appreciated her being there for Lole, whom Fehi called "Giiiiiirlfren!" everyday. I will miss watching them joke/dance/sing/hang out together as if Lole was a big girl. I will miss her excitement every time she sees Laila in the morning and how she laughed in amazement at how much heavier she was than the day before. I will miss her because talking to her made me feel young again and appreciative of my kids.
I mentioned earlier how I hesitated to write this post, and it was mostly because when she first came home, she wanted to keep things private to avoid a pity-party. For her, nothing else mattered but to return to do the work of the Lord in administering to the people of Indiana. Although her service to them was interrupted for 3 mos., she continued here at home and I never once heard her complain or do the "woe is me" dance. It was such a blessing to have her here for Laila's birth as well as Lole's 4th birthday. I am so grateful Heavenly Father allowed her this brief time with us. She is my hero and a wonderful example of faith in His Eternal Plan. Thank you Sister Malupo for all that you are and all that you have done for us. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH and wish you endless success while in HIS service. INDIANA or BUST...again!

Tuesday, March 24

My President is ______

"Mr. Black President, yeah Obama for real
They gotta put ya face on the 5000 dollar bill"

It's pretty exciting to witness our President in action, even though his term has barely started and the repair work on our nation is just scratching the surface. This video came out after Obama won the election and I've seen it and heard the song 100 times. I couldn't help but wonder if our Pres. elect has ever seen it, and if so, whether or not he sings along! Lol. I know it's such a random thought and although catchy, the song is the artist's (Young Jeezy's) portrayal of what Obama in office symbolizes for him, and maybe not all can relate. Obama being black has never been an influence in my decision to vote for him...he could've been purple for all I cared. But the song makes me wonder if white America takes offense to the idea of our Pres being labeled as black when he is also white? Did anyone write a song called "My President is Half-White"?

I've read that Obama refers to himself as African-American, like I am Samoan-American (of Samoan descent, but raised in America), but should the correct term for him be "African-Caucasian-American"? And if that's the case, should white people say they are "Caucasian-American"? Hmmm...just things I think about, I mean really what does it matter in these hard times as long as he doesn't give AIG anymore money. I'll just make it easy on myself and label him HAWAIIAN (since he's a product of our lovely islands) and write a song called "Eh Bah, my Prez stay from Hawaii!"

Saturday, March 21

Hawaii Children's Discovery Center

Since Lole is now four, yesterday was her last day in our Na Kamalei preschool. It was also the last day of our session (typically celebrated with a closing party) and our field trip day at the the Hawaii Children's Discovery Center in Honolulu. Lole and I had never been there before, and we were lucky enough to have Dad join us because he'd been sick all week and was tired of staying home. My sister Fia had Juju along with my other nephew Nalu with her. We got there bright and early at 9am, and I wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out to be so much fun! I don't really know the words to describe it, except that it is a great place for kids to explore the world around them. They have mini exhibits where kids can"play" cop, repairman, judge, banker, dentist, chef, and newscaster to name a few. They got to dress up in outfits, act out on stage, pretend to fish, and blow huge bubbles. They had a mock airplane and sailboat exhibit, some international exhibits and Lole's favorite, the play store where they could buy groceries. The center only had another school besides ours in attendance, along with a few other regular visitors, so it was a bit crowded at times. After about 2 hours, our school had a party outside where we ate mini bentos and the kids got their end of session certificates and goodie bags. Lole called the place "awesome" and had so much fun she knocked out as soon as we left. We are definitely taking her back there again. I only got a few pics before my battery died, most of the good ones are from my sister's camera. Enjoy!
(PS for Parents: If you're going to make the trip out here, there's a beautiful park nearby for a picnic. So bring your kids, your camera, and a cooler of food & drink for a nice Spring Break activity.)

Thursday, March 19


Those were the words I uttered after leaving the Canon Activities Center in Laie, and it wasn't because my butt was sore from sitting on the bleachers. In front of a crowd of over 4,000 (WOW!), the BYUH Mens Basketball team lost their chance to the BIG 16 in last night's regional conference matchup. It was an upsetting game considering we were up by as many as 13 or so points and led throught the whole game up until the last few minutes. Whoever heard of CAL POLY POMONA anyway? In my opinion, CPP didn't deserve to win, but such is the nature of competition...you win some, you lose some (a concept my husband doesn't understand). He left the game so disgruntled and angry because he said "I didn't sit uncomfortably for NOTHING", and demanded we leave AS SOON as the buzzer deemed us LOSERS. I, on the other hand, LIVE for this type of heart-wrenching matches, and found the game entertaining and the loss stunning. But that doesn't take away from the loyalty I give to my Seasiders, who much like the Kahuku Boys Bbball team, had so much talent but suffered an amazing season-ender. (They only lost once prior to last night's game.) That's the difference between Bo and I...he carries no loyalty to BYUH or Kahuku HS being from the mainland, but win or lose, I take pride in our North Shore athletes whether high school, college, elementary...it doesn't matter, even if I'm there or not.

This being the first BYUH game I've watched all season, I was really impressed with Juniors
Lucas Alez, the Pac-West player of the year (out of Brazil)

Virgil "JR" Buensuceso, the baddest ball-handler on the team (out of California).

Because of them, I'm definitely coming back next season, but sheesh, that still hurt...

Wednesday, March 18


AKA's - this one is fun and easy. Change the info below and add you own answers!

1. YOUR REAL NAME: Matatala Audrey Poloai Malupo
2. WITNESS PROTECTION NAME (mother and father's middle names): They don't have any, so I guess I'd be nameless
3. NASCAR NAME (first name of your mother's dad, father's dad): Folau Tivao
4. STAR WARS NAME (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name): Malma
5. DETECTIVE NAME (favorite color, favorite animal): Pink Panther...haha. ok i lie, Panther's not my fav animal...really I don't have one, but I think that chihuahua's are cute, so PINK CHIHUAHUA
6. SOAP OPERA NAME (middle name, town where you were born): Audrey Provo
7.SUPERHERO NAME (2nd fav color, fav drink, add "THE" to the beginning): The Black Mug <--root beer
8. FLY NAME (first 2 letters of 1st name, last 2 letters of your last name): Mapo
9. STREET NAME (fav ice cream flavor, fav cookie): Rocky Road Chocolate Chip
10. ROCK STAR NAME (current pets name, current street name): Leila Kamehameha (We don't have a pet, so "Leila" is Lole's stuffed cat's name)
11. YOUR GANGSTA NAME(first 3 letters of real name plus izzle): Matizzle
12. YOUR GOTH NAME (black, and the name of one of your pets): Black Rocky

Monday, March 16


As mentioned in my post below, Lole turned four this past weekend, on the 14th. Normally, every year I make a little music *video featuring pics and clips of the highlights of that year, but I've been so busy and TIRED lately that I haven't come around to it. Until then, here are a few things I wanted to share about her to date.

Lole was an only child for 4 years, so a lot of her personality traits are a result of her being amongst many adults throughout her life. She is mature for her age, not just in attitude (which she packs a lot of) but in her language and mannerisms as well. She is often telling people what to do, how to do it, and enjoys the company of young adult ladies just as much as she does children her own age. Her favorite thing right now is wearing dresses, lip gloss, fancy shoes, and anything that she thinks is pretty. She loves cheese pizza and close to nothing else, but is slowly broadening her tastes to things like pasta and broccoli. She's definitely a Storyteller; sometimes giving false accounts of things just for the sake of conversation, and likes to explain things to me like I'm 3 instead of 30. She doesn't discriminate when it comes to music, and can sing a tune even after hearing it only once or twice. Lole likes to pretend she can speak Spanish and sometimes when the Tongan language is being spoken in our home, she will try to mimic whoever is speaking, usually in a joking manner. She loves to laugh and point out the funnies people say or do, and is very empathetic when it comes to situations that call for sensitivity, as in death, pain or other sad things. Even though she's still super shy in public and not comfortable enough to sit in a structured dance class (she tried), Lole likes to dance Polynesian dances and the more modern, hip-hop. Lately, she's been showing some rather grown-up moves (thanks to Single Ladies, ABDC, and other dance acts she's seen) but she's so cute and usually complies when I tell her what is appropriate vs. inappropriate. Her cousin Juju is still her best friend, though they fight a lot more than they used to when they were younger. Best of all, Lole is a great big sister and often cries when she can't hold her baby or when others do so without her consent. I'm so blessed to have her in my life, and look forward to enjoying more of her wonderful personality in years to come.

*Lole's videos:
Lole's Arrival - Pregnancy, Birth, up to about 4 mos. (Song: Fiji's "Jowenna")
She's One - about 3 mos. to 1 year (Song: "Mihi Au Ia Oe")
Turning Two - Age 1 to 2 (Song: "Little Girls" by Riff)
Lole & Friends Age 3 (Song: Miley Cyrus' "True Friend")

Sunday, March 15

Birthday Weekend

Ahhhh, our sweet Lole turned 4 on Saturday, March 14th. It was a pretty restless week, considering I didn't really plan anything major for her. On Thursday we had a get together for our whole school, so I surprised her with a huge birthday cake and all the kids sang for her.
On her actual birthday, she chose cocoa and french bread (her favorite) and eggs for breakfast. Then we went to Walmart to get a few things and also let her choose whatever she wanted for a gift. She chose a pink sundress and a walking puppy. Next we hit up Costco for some baby things and food for her birthday dinner on Sunday. It was such a long day (and we sang Happy Birthday to her numerous times on the ride and in the stores) and by the time we got home I was so hash, it hurt to close my eyes. Here we are goofing off after a long day of shopping!Sunday she wore her white dress from Aunty Seta and new shoes that I bought for her birthday as well, and I surprised her Sunbeam class with pink strawberry cupcakes & lolipops.
There were only 3 kids (don't know what happened to the others) total so they got to have their fill.
Later that evening we had an eating with our neighbors and some of our close family, to enjoy some GRUB: Chicken Broccoli, Teri Meatballs, Crab Salad, Lu-Sipi, Tapioka, Rice, Shrimp & a family favorite, (my mother-in-law's) Apple Otai. My sister made her a cute Barbie cake which looked so good we left her untouched and ate the the other desserts.

Lole had a great time reveling in the attention and celebration of and FOR HER, and loved her (oh so girly) gifts from her cousins in Kahuku & Utah, money from Grandma in Utah, and of course the spoilings from mom and dad. Even though it wasn't a big party, we made sure she had a pinata, but this is the last time coz she didn't even wanna touch it! Hmmph! I'm sure glad birthdays come only once a year!

Monday, March 9


Lole was gone all day with her aunt and grandparents so I was home alone with my baby. I thought we'd get some good napping time, but I ended up doing 5 loads of laundry, cleaning the room, and catering to Laila's every need. My biggest dilemma with her right now is feeling like I have inadequate milk supply and still trying to get her to latch GOOD everytime. (Whoever said breastfeeding was easy didn't have a child who opened her mouth a half an inch in diameter) So today was one of those days where she seemed to be unsatisfied and needed to be fed constantly...I even pumped and supplemented so I could make sure she was getting enough, but for some reason she was restless and COULD NOT SLEEP THE WHOLE DAY until about 8 or 9pm. I have never seen her so tired and cranky, and frankly I am right now too, but I had to share this ROCK video from Anapesi's blog before I close my eyes...watch it, it's hillarious! Hanohano...lol!.

Sunday, March 8


Oh man, I just woke up from an afternoon nap and it feels so good to have gotten some Zzzs. (I haven't had a day nap in like a week!) Anyway, nothing really interesting to blog about today, just wanna shoot some random lines through here real quick. Today was our Laie Hawaii Stake Conference. Normally I am really attentive at these things, but with my itchy-pants-can't-sit-down-need to use the bathroom as soon as we get up the stairs-toddler, my hungry & pooping infant, and my snoring husband, i managed to catch just a few bits & pieces. I believe our Stake theme for the next 6 mos. is "Look to Jesus and live". Three separate talks on CONTENTION, TITHING, and STRENGTHENING the FAMILY helped me re-learn the following: contention inhibits us from living truly happy lives, there is no insurance more important than paying tithing, and the most valuable work anyone can ever do in the church is that which happens within the walls of your own homes. Not bad considering the above noted distractions! I was also star-struck by the KHS BBALL players I saw in attendance, after a heartbreaking State Championship loss to Kamehameha the night before (47-45). My favorite center Kona Schwenke, 6'8" Christian Feagai, and star point guard Irwin AhHoy (even the nation's famed football star Manti Te'o) were all there sitting with their FAMILIES. And so my favorite quote from conference is "Where family ends, delinquency begins!" I'm not sure which prophet said that, but it is my goal to make a home where my family loves to be, so they don't seek for love/acceptance anywhere else. All in all a great day!

Friday, March 6


The Kahuku Boys beat Iolani tonight in the State Semis in yet another 4th quarter heart stopper. (The night before they inched past Punahou 40-39) It was an awesome game, and a little close for comfort but what can you expect when you have the best in the state battling it out for the Championship game. I was kinda hoping Kaimuki would've beat no. 1 ranked Kamehameha so Kahuku (ranked no. 2) could play the Bulldogs for the 6th time this season...but we're going head to head with the Warriors and it's gonna be O for AWESOME! Nehoa Akina you're my hero (5 3's in the game, 17 total) but my favorite moment was the "Play of the Game" when an Iolani player stole the ball from us and ran base to base only to get swatted by Jray Galeai under tha basket. If this were football, that would've been a sort of "KATOOSH" moment. Ahhh. Good game boys and GOOD LUCK AT THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS TOMORROW!

Wednesday, March 4

Bottle from Heaven

I saw this on "A BABY STORY" yesterday and I was blown away. Apparently it was also featured on Oprah (but I don't watch her much) and was designed for upright feeding--thus reducing ear infections and colic--but is ideal (and lifesaving) for feeding multiples. It's a hands-free feeding solution so when you're traveling, need to feed more than one at a time, or just plain tired, you don't have to hold your baby's bottle for them. In fact you don't even have to hold your baby! While baby is in the carseat or stroller, or on a pillow, just stick the nipple in and set the bottle upright to the side. (The tube works as a straw!) It's so convenient and dare I say...LAZY, but ingenious nonetheless. These are definitely on my baby items wish list!

Tuesday, March 3


Today is GIRLS DAY (recognized and adopted from ancient Japanese culture) as I found out at Lole's school early this afternoon. We celebrated there by making cherry blossom trees for art and sushi for snacks. Lole is NOT a fan of sushi, but since she made it herself she gave it a whirl and took a few bites. After school she got to eat her favorite food (cheese PIZZA), and I bought the ice cream of her choice as well as a bag of lollipops. We even made Pillsbury choc chip cookies--officially my new favorite ready-made dough--which I ate most of. My little girl is growing up way too fast, and here's my proof. I almost died today when she out of the blue asked "Mommy do you have sexy with boys?"--{To myself: "Did I just hear what I thought I heard?"} "What are you talkin about Lole?" and then she asked me again. I was so dumbfounded I just said "NO!" First of all, Lole does know the word SEXY...she thinks it means looking cute or hot, but how she connected that with boys is a mystery to me and I am HORRIFIED. I admit sometimes we are careless when it comes to screening what we see on TV, but this is scary. Disney Channel you are officially our new best friend again....you and these cookies. {oiaue}

Sunday, March 1


I don't know if it's just a Polynesian thing or not, but long hair seems to be a timeless trademark in our culture. I've had long hair all of my life, except for the one or two occasions my hair had to get chopped for ukus in elementary school. lol. (Where is my 4th grade pic when I need it?) Anyway, I KNOW what I look like with long hair so 2 years ago, I let my husband chop it!

Since then, I've been wanting to grow my hair back, but it was stuck in that UGLY stage--when it's not long enough or short enough to do anything cute with it--so for the past few months of pregnancy and weeks after giving birth, I'd been sporting the lazy TRASH BUN/PONYTAIL! YUK! So, I finally went back to the salon and I was surprised at how brave I was. I know, It's so short I can't even pull it back when I'm hot, but I'm so relieved to be rid of my lazy fa'apaku and ponytail. The hard part will be trying to get it to look like this everyday and knowing me...it probably WON'T!