Thursday, December 27

Meet "The Culprit"

The day started off with just another 9 AM doctor's visit. I had already started my maternity leave 2 weeks earlier thinking that she would come a lot sooner than she did. I have a feeling I could've waited even a few more days, maybe even til her due date which was the 29th. So, anyway, feeling heavy and discouraged, Bo and I walke into the office thinking it would be another routine checkup. My mucous plug had come out a week earlier and nothing happened so I was sure I hadn't even dilated any. The doctor checked my cervix and said "You wanna have this baby today?" Of course my husband was quick to say YES, today!

I felt so rushed. It's not typical of my pregnancies to have to be forced into labor. So anyway, he told us to go home, get packed and check in to the hospital as soon as possible. I didn't even get to deliver at my hospital of choice so I was pretty bummed. Granted, I didn't have to drive over an hour to get there (as in the case of my 2 others), but still, the one I wanted to deliver at is literally a minute away.

getting the gown on
b.s.'n about nothing...
 We arrived at Timpanogos Hospital and by 1030 I was getting changed and filling in paper work. They finally started my Pitocin at about noon because nothing was happening on its own. I seriously just wanted to relax and sleep for I knew the journey ahead could be long but I started to progress about 2 hours later.
I tried  to endure the pain once again, but there was a shooting sensation going down my left side and it was just horrible. Every time they checked my cervix I was at a good 4 but not enough. Finally around 330 I was dying but I was also a good 5 or 6. I couldn't take it though and asked for the epidural. At about 440, *finally* they gave it to me, and by then I was already almost 8 and having painful contractions. But what I thought would bring relief, didn't. I had numerous "injections" of whatever medicine it was to numb the pain but it never really took.
in pain, can't smile....
My right side took to the meds ok, but my left side never numbed up. It was horrible. I cried and I kept telling my husband and doctors, I
CAN STILL FEEL EVERY shooting horrible pain, I felt like my baby was pushing down on my pelvic bone. Shortly after 5pm, I was finally dilated and able to start pushing. Oh boy, push I did. In less than a half an hour, with my sister Seta and husband coaching me, my Leilini was finally born at 5:29pm.
Baby came out quietly. She weighed 8.13 and was 21 inches long. It was an ugly birthing, but she was so beautiful. I got to hold her to my chest while doc sewed me up (more pain!) and she was just so peaceful.
Named after her Dad, (yah that's right...because who's to say I will have any more children, let alone a boy? Besides, daddy's name sounds like a girl's anyway), Leilini's middle names are Areta (first half of my oldest sister's name) Silika (last half of Bo's oldest sister's name). She was welcomed later (once I was sewn up and moved into another room) by her sisters, my parents, the whole Unga clan, Bo's sisters, some of my first cousins, and thankfully...a burrito from Betos.


Wednesday, December 19

Been a while, crocodile!

Yes, I am finally connected again! I must say, I have missed being a part of the "world", or at least having access to it, at my fingertips. A lot has happened in the months I have been gone. Not sure if I will get to catch up seeing as the most important thing on my mind right now is the upcoming birth of my 3rd child. At 38w4d, I am anxious, tired, excited and scared all at the same time. It aint my first rodeo, but this is probably the least prepared I have been (mentally, physically and financially). I still don't even have any names yet. It is also 30 degrees and snowing outside and that suuuuuuucks. Anyway, all of yous out there who are still hanging on to their blogs, HI AGAIN! I'll be back real soon ; )

Tuesday, August 21

Back to School

Summer has finally ended and once again, I've been MIA for most of it. Hopefully I can catch up with all of that, but for now I just wanted to share a pic of Lole just before dropping her to her teacher to start her 2nd grade year. I'm missing her as I type, because for the past few months since her cousins went back home, she has been a big help around the house. I was so spoiled because when she would wake up, she'd make do for herself and her sister until I got up,letting me catch much needed zzzs. She learned how to do some cleaning up and vaccuming, but what I appreciated most was the time she spent bonding w sister Laila. It was fun watching them play/fight/sing/dance and eat together without a care in the world. Gone are our lazy summer days, but I will remember them always. Cheers to the new school year baby!

Friday, June 1

The culprit!

So, this morning I was still feeling like crap after not feeling crap all day yesterday. (We spent 5 hours at Seven Peaks after nephew's Kindy graduation, and Lole's last hurrah at school!)  I puked right in front of the hubbz, so he decided to delay no longer and take me in, AGAINST MY WILL. I absolutely hate going to the doctor! Most times I go when I'm already better, or they can't find anything wrong with me.  "It sounds like you have Gastroenteritis," said the Instacare doctor--some kind of common ailment that to me, just sounds like "stomach ache"--and he found my white blood cell count was higher than normal (by 1%), so he wanted me to do a CT scan to rule out Appendicitis. I'm thinking, for reals, for that 1%? I should've just went home at that point, but I decided to be a "good patient" and go. No regrets right? For the scan, I went to Radiology @ Utah Valley Regional MC (which happens to be my birthplace), but they took an hour to verify my insurance and since it would take even longer to get approval, they sent me to Emergency. Grrr...E.R.! Another place I hate going to. It smells and feels so sick-y in there.

By the time they check me in, I'm already irritated because they ask me how my pain level is on a scale from 1-10. I say "1" every time, and explain that I'm not in pain, I just was sent here to do a CT scan. After what seems like hours of needless waiting, I finally just tell them to check my urine to see if I have any infection of any kind so I can go home, and at that point I did not wish to do the CT scan. My family is in the room finally when the doc comes in and says I have no infection and most definitely do not look like I have Appendicitis, but that it was up to me if I still wanted to get tested. Bo interrupts and asks if they can just check if I'm pregnant. 20 mins later, Doc comes in and says, "It's positive!"

In my head, I'm thinking I COULD'VE JUST STAYED HOME AND TAKEN A DAMN PREGNANCY TEST instead of waste 6 HOURS seeking medical help for my stomach troubles???!!! Meanwhile, the hubby and kids cannot contain themselves! Lole, "If I could scream Mommy, I would scream really louuuud right now!" Doctor gives us more reason to stay in the E.R. longer by asking if we want an ultrasound to check if everything is ok. Bo and the kids follow me in anticipation. They just need confirmation, I believe...and so did I. In fact, I still don't believe it. The tech (who is not legally allowed to tell us anything from the scan) let me sneak a look at the screen to see the estimated length of pregnancy. It was very surreal to see an unexpected heartbeat, and see that I was indeed pregnant, 9 weeks along, according to their technology.

Despite the wait and hassle of clinics and hospitals, I am very humbled to know we have been blessed again, and miraculously, without the help of fertility pills. (I guess I should be glad I didn't have to take my appendix out either.) I know it's still pretty early, but I am shocked, and nervous, and excited, and happy at the same time. I'm especially glad to know why I have been so sick!

Monday, May 28


Today I am grateful for much. I spent the last 3 days in bed, not so much in physical agony, but in pain nonetheless with an ailment hard to describe. Weeks have led up to this feeling. Loss of energy, excitement, and/or desire to do just about anything pleasurable. I can't put my finger on it, but I have been unwell. {the word "apathetic" comes to mind, followed closely by a thought that "maybe i'm depressed cause i'm still living in Utah" }I cried all morning Saturday, wishing these feelings would go away. Nausea, headache, loss of appetite, emotional, unable to get out of bed, avoiding any social settings other than work...and just feeling blah. {did I mention I put on 20 lbs and counting, since we moved here?} Medicine did nothing for me, so I asked for a Father's blessing. Mom and Dad stopped their afternoon errands to come to my aid, and then over-hearing that I was craving Cinnabons, mom dropped by later with 2 pans. The next morning, I had to call in to work again. I am not in any position to miss work, nor do I like to. But my body wouldn't move, so I had to. That afternoon, my sister down the street (who happens to have two sick children) brought a pot full of delicious chicken noodle soup, bread, and liters of sprite, and brownies to help me feel better. I didn't even get to thank her because I was laying in bed 3/4 of the day. Then the sweetest thing: I overheard my oldest daughter praying for me near my bedside. She thought I was asleep, but I heard her...not once, but twice throughout the day (and an admitted 3rd time over her bowl of cereal), pray for her mom to get better. She even waited on my physical needs: food/drink/pills. I feel so undeserving and blessed at the same time, but now that I am even a little better, I can reflect on the joy that comes from knowing who is on my side. Where I go from here, is yet to be determined, but counting my blessings is always a start UP.

PS: this is not my first "UNwell" post, I am realizing...

Monday, April 16

Spring Break

We had an awesome week with the kiddos! We didn't do anything too flashy, just a lot of family time. Mornings/afternoons at the Orem Rec Center were probably the best because I go to workout and then join the kids for swimming. We took a drive to Vernal for a job interview for Bo (which he didn't get), but it was a pretty scenic tour. We also got our Utah Pass of All Passes ($10 each on a limited time only CityDeals promotion), which allows us free entry into Trafalga centers, Seven Peaks Water Parks, Provo Ice Arena, and tons of local sports games! We jumped on Trafalga first, because I used to work there back in 1998. LOL! It is much improved and the ids loved it! I am not a fan of mini golf, but I did enjoy the 4XD ride which Lole wanted to do over and over. On Sunday, we even went to church for the first time in months (minus Bo), so it was a great way to end a fun week! I can't wait to get a REAL camera, 'cause these camera photos don't do anything for me.

Friday (last day of the break) we took all the kids to the pool and ate out at McD's

We finally went to the BYU Creamery during spring break, mmmm! It's my new favorite!
 Indoor glow in the dark mini-golfin' at Trafalga
My girls also got into the movie SELENA over the break...
On another side note, SASHA FIERCE (my SIL's car) died during Spring Break too. There's Bo and a nice man from Provo Construction, coming to her aid. My SIL is crying in there coz Bo was yellin' at her for not taking better care...on the bright side, there's a beautiful rainbow behind them = )

Sunday, April 8

Manuia le Aso Eseta!

This is the first Easter without my sister Fia and her kids in Hawaii, so we miss them a lot right about now. I never did egg-dying because she would always have that ready, and my sister Seta down the street who would probably have taken over, is playing Easter bunny in Vegas. Lol. We definitely miss them too. So, this year was actually my first attempt at egg coloring and hunting with my kids...alone!!! They had so much fun with the eggs yesterday and asked to do it again today. (Not happening). Then when it was time for the egg hunt, of course Lole was breezing through em all, while Laila took her time getting one by one. We miss the cousins, but it was nice to see the two of them they had the loot all to themselves.
My yard is not very big, so I just threw the eggs out there, and scattered them all over the house. LOL. I prefer actually HIDING them, but husby was busy cooking brats, so I had no other help. Speaking of husby, he only requested one thing for Easter Day. We ate chicken curry, rice, grilled brats and crab-mac salad. No time for desserts, but we have tons of leftover sweets and candies galore. I know I missed the TRUE ESSENCE of Easter, that being the remembrance/celebration of Christ's Resurrection...but I did show my kids the LDS Easter Message. I had planned to do an object lesson (from Lu), but with cooking breakfast and Easter lunch, and preparing the egg hunt and Easter baskets, all before going to work...I just didn't have enough time.