Tuesday, August 21

Back to School

Summer has finally ended and once again, I've been MIA for most of it. Hopefully I can catch up with all of that, but for now I just wanted to share a pic of Lole just before dropping her to her teacher to start her 2nd grade year. I'm missing her as I type, because for the past few months since her cousins went back home, she has been a big help around the house. I was so spoiled because when she would wake up, she'd make do for herself and her sister until I got up,letting me catch much needed zzzs. She learned how to do some cleaning up and vaccuming, but what I appreciated most was the time she spent bonding w sister Laila. It was fun watching them play/fight/sing/dance and eat together without a care in the world. Gone are our lazy summer days, but I will remember them always. Cheers to the new school year baby!

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