Thursday, May 28

Mother's Day

After Nalu's baptism (see previous posts), that same night our ward had a Mother's Day party. They served prime rib and shrimp and I literally did not come up for air until mine and my husband's plates (and several pieces of cake) were done. What? It was a long day! Anyway, that night my father-in-law (and his fai-kava-singing buddies) serenaded us with a traditional Mother's Day Tongan song, dedicated it to my mother-in-law, and then dug out to go to fai-kava. Chee hoo, what a guy! We also enjoyed the smooth sounds of Uncle Benny Kai, and some beautiful hula dancing.

The next morning I forced myself to go to church (tired as I was) because the night before someone had told us at the party that the Primary was going to sing in sacrament. Now you know that I am a frequent "cutter" because had I known this, I would've been working with Lole at home and teaching her the words instead of trying to jam the tune into her head an hour before church starts. (Yah I know, I'm FIRED!) She was a little nervous to sit up on stage without us, but there were no tears/drama, she was reverent, and when they sang, she mouthed the words the best she could, meanwhile flashing the biggest smile back at me. It was the HIGHLIGHT of my day.

Afterward we went to Ted's Bakery to get my mom, my sister and my mother-in-law some pies/cakes, since I didn't get any leis for them. (I am soooooo not a lei person, or a flower or money, that's my preference. Lol.) So after delievering their goods, we agreed to rerturn to my sister's house for some lasagna, salad, garlic bread and sweets later on (was onos), but not before enjoying a wonderful lunch cooked by my mother-in-law.

Although my husband apologized for not getting me anything special, he DID come to church and that is always a gift in itself. He also made up for it a week later by taking me to Red Lobster for lunch, but by the picture you would think it was Father's Day instead.

Again, what a fun weekend that was, especially being able to celebrate Mother's Day WITH MY MOM. I haven't done so in over 10 years, so this was indeed special. My mom is truly the backbone of the family, and I have always known/admired her strength. She brings truth to the saying that "Behind every great man there's a great woman" as I have witnessed many times over, though I'd like to say that she is "NEXT" to my father rather than behind. Recently I have seen the tender way in which she "carries" my Dad (emotionally, and sometimes physically) and to me, there is no truer love than the one that NEVER leaves your side. Mom is a ROCK and she will always be my example of faith, endurance, and self-less love. Miss and love you mama!

Lole's First Haircut

It was during my afternoon nap on Mother's Day, that Lole decided she'd give me a "gift" of that I'm sure every child gives their mother...she cut her hair! Eek. All I remember was waking up to a screaming child and an angry husband trying to open the door that she had locked. Apparently, Daddy warned her not to play with the scissors, and 10 mins later she made her debut into the living room with a towel over her head. When he saw little short hairs hanging out, he yelled, and she freaked out and came running. I was still half asleep and after worrying that Daddy was gonna lick her (thankfully he never), I just busted up laughing cause at that point, WHAT CAN YOU DO? The damage turned out to be minimal, and we probably could have left it untouched because all she did really was cut bangs. If you ask me, she did tons better than any of my self-made bang-cuts...mine were hideous, crooked and all! When we went to the salon a week later, the lady couldn't do anything about the bangs, but she did frame the rest of it and cut off 2 inches all over. She loved getting a real haircut for the first time.

Salon day (purple dress)

The next day @ the mall again (with Nalu)

Friday, May 22

Nalu's Birthday Weekend

Kainalu Tuita'alili is my sister Fia's middle child--arguably her favorite--and he turned 8 on Friday, May 8th. What an awesome day that was, starting with his (Kahuku) Elementary May Day @ BYUH (thank goodness it was there and not @ PCC cause the air con. was heaven), a trip to Chili's in Mililani (by his request), and then later on the Kahuku High May Night which my niece performed in. On top of that, Nalu got baptized the very next morning! It was pure awesomeness, especially because my parents were in town to witness/partake of it all. (Below are separate posts from that crazy weekend!)

Kahuku Elementary May Day

May Day in our community is a treasured event because the kids/instructors really put on a PRODUCTION, no matter the age. You have to be there to really appreciate the CUTE factor. This year, Nalu's 2nd grade class had a Surfing/Beach theme which was a crowd pleaser, along with whatever grade did MOTOWN. It's always interesting when the kids perform non-Polynesian numbers...someday I'll post the footage.


Immediately after May Day, we shot down to Nalu's favorite restaurant a little over an hour away. It was my first time trying Chili's White Chocolate Molten, and let me just say that stuff is GOOOOOD. I can't decide between the chocolate or vanilla, all I know is they both ROCK. (Fatso!)

KHS May Night

Kahuku High's May Night was emceed by "Da Braddahs" so this was another "had to be there" event. This year, they honored past Kings and Queens and for my class, Hoku Kamakeeaina represented '96. My niece danced in Tahiti (one of my favorites cause all the dancers were skinny and pretty--yes, i can like it just for that) and Tonga, something new for Jaz. Our friend and Tongan royal, Funganimapa Tuipulotu (son of the late Prince Tu'ipelehake) and wife Tapu were recognized and danced with some of the community's Tongan elders, so it was cool to see. Jazzy did great, and still managed to give a sweet talk for her brother's baptism the next morning.


Nalu's baptism is the first that I've seen of all my nieces and nephews (there were 5 before him), so obviously his was very special to me. I was so impressed with his maturity and poise; the reverent manner in which he conducted himself and the sureness of his testimony. Likewise, it was great to see my brother-in-law exercise his rights as a father and worthy priesthood holder. I'm very proud of my nephew for his decision to be baptized and confirmed a member of our church. He is such a good kid: humble, obedient, honest, loving, and respectful, with the heart of a king. One day I hope to have a son or sons, and if they are anything like Nalu, I'd consider myself very fortunate.

Thursday, May 21

My First BF

Let it be known to the blogging world that CATCHING UP after an absence (almost a month), really sucks. I was just about to start my lengthy recap of my parents' visit from Utah, when my daughter asks me to make her 11:30pm. I have a few "choice" words I'd like to say to her for not eating when I told her to, but I will keep them to myself because Jesus loves the little children, and so must I. I also busted my phone tonight (only 3 weeks old) so I'd like to just hurry up and sleep this day off already.

When I was a 3rd grader attending Lupelele Elementary School in American Samoa, Kehau was the first real friend I ever had. She had ehu-blond hair, green eyes, fair skin, and a name I never forgot. She had just moved from Hawaii that year, so I was immediately drawn to her, though I don't quite know what exactly she saw in me as a friend. She was feisty, and I was quiet, but we were good kids. I remembered feeling so special when she asked me for my house number so we (little moe mimiz) could talk on the phone. My family moved to Hawaii before the '87 school year, so I was 9 the last time I'd seen her. I have always wondered what happened to her ever since.

Last month, the Galeai family in our ward spoke during sacrament mtg. Because I never forgot Kehau's name, I approached the family with excitement, because her resemblance to them was unmistakable. My hunch was right, and on Mother's Day I found out that she was coming to Hawaii from Idaho, to bless her son in our ward. {Small world, huh?}

Well, this past Sunday I was finally reunited with Kehau, and I am stoked to reconnect and possibly build a new friendship all over again. I wonder how differenent/alike we are, where our paths have led us, and whether or not our personalities are even compatible any more. I guess we shall see. This time around, I asked for her number and we have agreed to catch up via email.

Here we are, 22 years later with our babies that were both born in Jan, 10 days apart.

PS: I just got an email from her this morning, and she says I was always the smartest girl in school, teacher praising my work all the time (how come I don't remember that?) Anyway, it really is awesome to find her.

Wednesday, May 20


It's been a busy few weeks thus far in May, and lately I've opted to sleep more and play on the computer less. I will, however, commit to one blog everyday until I am caught up with all that I've been meaning to blog about but just never came around to it. Stay tuned.