Sunday, April 8

Manuia le Aso Eseta!

This is the first Easter without my sister Fia and her kids in Hawaii, so we miss them a lot right about now. I never did egg-dying because she would always have that ready, and my sister Seta down the street who would probably have taken over, is playing Easter bunny in Vegas. Lol. We definitely miss them too. So, this year was actually my first attempt at egg coloring and hunting with my kids...alone!!! They had so much fun with the eggs yesterday and asked to do it again today. (Not happening). Then when it was time for the egg hunt, of course Lole was breezing through em all, while Laila took her time getting one by one. We miss the cousins, but it was nice to see the two of them they had the loot all to themselves.
My yard is not very big, so I just threw the eggs out there, and scattered them all over the house. LOL. I prefer actually HIDING them, but husby was busy cooking brats, so I had no other help. Speaking of husby, he only requested one thing for Easter Day. We ate chicken curry, rice, grilled brats and crab-mac salad. No time for desserts, but we have tons of leftover sweets and candies galore. I know I missed the TRUE ESSENCE of Easter, that being the remembrance/celebration of Christ's Resurrection...but I did show my kids the LDS Easter Message. I had planned to do an object lesson (from Lu), but with cooking breakfast and Easter lunch, and preparing the egg hunt and Easter baskets, all before going to work...I just didn't have enough time. 

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