Thursday, December 27

Meet "The Culprit"

The day started off with just another 9 AM doctor's visit. I had already started my maternity leave 2 weeks earlier thinking that she would come a lot sooner than she did. I have a feeling I could've waited even a few more days, maybe even til her due date which was the 29th. So, anyway, feeling heavy and discouraged, Bo and I walke into the office thinking it would be another routine checkup. My mucous plug had come out a week earlier and nothing happened so I was sure I hadn't even dilated any. The doctor checked my cervix and said "You wanna have this baby today?" Of course my husband was quick to say YES, today!

I felt so rushed. It's not typical of my pregnancies to have to be forced into labor. So anyway, he told us to go home, get packed and check in to the hospital as soon as possible. I didn't even get to deliver at my hospital of choice so I was pretty bummed. Granted, I didn't have to drive over an hour to get there (as in the case of my 2 others), but still, the one I wanted to deliver at is literally a minute away.

getting the gown on
b.s.'n about nothing...
 We arrived at Timpanogos Hospital and by 1030 I was getting changed and filling in paper work. They finally started my Pitocin at about noon because nothing was happening on its own. I seriously just wanted to relax and sleep for I knew the journey ahead could be long but I started to progress about 2 hours later.
I tried  to endure the pain once again, but there was a shooting sensation going down my left side and it was just horrible. Every time they checked my cervix I was at a good 4 but not enough. Finally around 330 I was dying but I was also a good 5 or 6. I couldn't take it though and asked for the epidural. At about 440, *finally* they gave it to me, and by then I was already almost 8 and having painful contractions. But what I thought would bring relief, didn't. I had numerous "injections" of whatever medicine it was to numb the pain but it never really took.
in pain, can't smile....
My right side took to the meds ok, but my left side never numbed up. It was horrible. I cried and I kept telling my husband and doctors, I
CAN STILL FEEL EVERY shooting horrible pain, I felt like my baby was pushing down on my pelvic bone. Shortly after 5pm, I was finally dilated and able to start pushing. Oh boy, push I did. In less than a half an hour, with my sister Seta and husband coaching me, my Leilini was finally born at 5:29pm.
Baby came out quietly. She weighed 8.13 and was 21 inches long. It was an ugly birthing, but she was so beautiful. I got to hold her to my chest while doc sewed me up (more pain!) and she was just so peaceful.
Named after her Dad, (yah that's right...because who's to say I will have any more children, let alone a boy? Besides, daddy's name sounds like a girl's anyway), Leilini's middle names are Areta (first half of my oldest sister's name) Silika (last half of Bo's oldest sister's name). She was welcomed later (once I was sewn up and moved into another room) by her sisters, my parents, the whole Unga clan, Bo's sisters, some of my first cousins, and thankfully...a burrito from Betos.


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