Monday, April 16

Spring Break

We had an awesome week with the kiddos! We didn't do anything too flashy, just a lot of family time. Mornings/afternoons at the Orem Rec Center were probably the best because I go to workout and then join the kids for swimming. We took a drive to Vernal for a job interview for Bo (which he didn't get), but it was a pretty scenic tour. We also got our Utah Pass of All Passes ($10 each on a limited time only CityDeals promotion), which allows us free entry into Trafalga centers, Seven Peaks Water Parks, Provo Ice Arena, and tons of local sports games! We jumped on Trafalga first, because I used to work there back in 1998. LOL! It is much improved and the ids loved it! I am not a fan of mini golf, but I did enjoy the 4XD ride which Lole wanted to do over and over. On Sunday, we even went to church for the first time in months (minus Bo), so it was a great way to end a fun week! I can't wait to get a REAL camera, 'cause these camera photos don't do anything for me.

Friday (last day of the break) we took all the kids to the pool and ate out at McD's

We finally went to the BYU Creamery during spring break, mmmm! It's my new favorite!
 Indoor glow in the dark mini-golfin' at Trafalga
My girls also got into the movie SELENA over the break...
On another side note, SASHA FIERCE (my SIL's car) died during Spring Break too. There's Bo and a nice man from Provo Construction, coming to her aid. My SIL is crying in there coz Bo was yellin' at her for not taking better care...on the bright side, there's a beautiful rainbow behind them = )


Emerson Experiment said...

Aw...looks like you guys had a great Spring Break. LOL the rainbow during the car trouble with Sasha Fierce. I'm glad you saw the silver lining during this cloud. Love ya!

Leslie said...

girl, what a great way to spend your Spring Break except for the car trouble but the photos is priceless.